Rope Halter

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A halter made of thin rope means that the pressure applied is more clearly defined, compared to if the horse was wearing a wide webbing head collar.

This allows you to apply a variety of levels of pressure. The halter is designed and fitted to be comfortable and lightweight for the horse, whilst giving the handler greater control. If proper tchniques of pressure and release are used, the halter becomes an effective training aid.

Instant release is important as this gives immediate reward. The slightest try should be rewarded by instant release.

The halter can be used for riding in safe schooling area, and is great for training horses to be light in the hand.

The halter is so light and easy, it is handy to leave it on under the bridle when hacking out. This means that you never need to lead the horse by the reins, thus avoiding bruising its mouth.

It is absolutely forbidden to leave a rope halter on a turned out horse.

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Up to 10HH Mini
Up to 13HH Pony
Up to 15HH Cob
Up to 17HH Horse
Over 17HH Draft

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Mini, Pony, Cob, Horse, Draft

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